Value Management Reviews

Risk & Opportunity Value Management Reviews

With over $1b in project value reviewed in the last 6 months alone, Cminus has unlocked millions in unrecognised opportunity that would have otherwise been missed. We have also contributed greatly to final project feasibility in assisting to lower project costs to allow developments to proceed.

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Who Are We?
(Why Us?)

Our Director Darren Bilsborough has spent over 20 years at Managing Director and Director Level of both Architectural and Engineering companies including board positions with the Green Building Council of Australia and the SA Division Council of the Property Council of Australia. Darren was honoured to have been nominated in the “Engineer’s Atlas” in Architectural Record as one of the 70 greatest mechanical and structural engineers of all time from around the world and one of only 3 people nominated from Australia on that list. He was also an Adjunct Professor of Sustainability at Curtin University in WA and has been acknowledged as one of the “founding fathers” of the green building movement in Australia.

What problems are we trying to solve?

Winning a D&C contract tender is difficult and dependent on several factors upon which a builder has little or no control. Cminus will help put you back in control by exploring alternate design options through utilising our unique review methodology. We are primarily trying to solve the following 3 problems for builders.

Due to low fees, design solutions are locked in too early and therefore tender documentation is often compromised and unresolved, leading to increased services sub-contract pricing.

Accessing the expertise and ability to explore multiple design options is rare or not found in all trades or even within many design consultancies.

Tender competitiveness is compromised by lack of in-house deep design expertise.

What is our Solution?

Our reviews come from a very different set of lenses and experiences (sustainability, deep services engineering design expertise and architecture). We firstly immerse ourselves in the Architecture and the PPR/design briefs, before even looking at services drawings. This ensures that we look at the project from the perspective of what the developer is trying to achieve, rather than what the engineering consultants have drawn and specified.

5 Mistakes that companies make in value managing the building services engineering components of a project:-

  • An inability to identify deep design expertise.
  • Rely too heavily on sub-contractors for cost saving ideas.
  • Expect internal resources to do too much.
  • Underestimate the power of credible independent reviews.
  • Are unwilling to explore opportunity risk.

What is our Method?

Benefits to using us: –

The number of alternate design options is often surprisingly large and our methodology ensures that few options are left unexplored.

Our design expertise is more cost effective than attempting to replicate internally and is not readily available through the trades or many design consultancies.

Our deep design reviews will increase tender competitiveness and/or post tender margins. 

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