Joe Fairlamb


Joe has over 10 years’ experience in the property industry, 7 of these being with Cminus in various capacities on multiple projects. Other roles have been with builders and contractors which has given Joe the benefit of a wide range of perspectives in relation to construction and property projects.

Joe was a key contributor to the successful completion of the Building Upgrade Finance Early Adopter program, through which he developed a detailed understanding of the technicalities of BUF and a network of relationships including building owners, financiers, contractors and suppliers.

Joe comes from a broad IT background incorporating detailed skills and experience across a wide range of hardware, software, graphic and web design and development. More recently Joe completed a Bachelor of International Studies with a triple major in Politics, International Relations and Globalisation. Through this combination of academic and professional experience Joe has developed excellent research and writing skills, including through an internship with an SA Government Minister, and highly efficient time management skills demonstrated by completing the final year at uni with a full-time study load while simultaneously working as General Manager of a business with a multimillion dollar turnover.

Joe’s employment history includes roles in project management, both in the IT and property sectors, production management of web and graphic design projects – as well as undertaking work on projects personally and managing backend IT infrastructure, submissions and compliance management including quality assurance and internal auditing in a construction context, general management of a medium-large electrical contractor and involvement on many and varied consulting projects via Cminus and others.

Joe’s strengths are in his quick appreciation of problems and their solutions, his ability to understand and work with the big picture context at the same time as drilling down to the highest level of detail required to ensure complete and accurate outcomes, and his combination of technical ability and property industry experience which has allowed him to navigate and understand complexity and translate it to suit the requirements of all stakeholders.